New DVR’s. New Resolutions: CIF, D1, WD1, 720p, 1080p. Finally, Full High Definition Available in CCTV Systems.

In late 2010 we started seeing new DVR models available with new higher resolution. It was about time CCTV systems were capable of recording resolutions higher than D1 known also as 720×480. The revolution in CCTV has began. New CCTV Cameras were capable of 700TVL resolution. Unfortunately when using 700TVL resolution cameras with D1 Digital Video Recorders, we couldn’t take advantage of better quality. To solve this problem manufacturers came with a new resolution known as WD1 (Wide D1) which is often also described as 960H or just 960×480. Since most of current monitors are in wide angle format, 960H was a great answer for a new video format extending already standard resolution D1 to a new wide screen format. It is an easy solution to improve picture quality without massive upgrades to surveillance system and technology. Conventional D1 cameras can still be connected to 960H DVR and 700TVL Cameras work great with D1 DVR’s.
At about the same time we started seeing first fully digital CCTV systems based on
SDI technology (Serial Digital Interface)
. This technology sends uncompressed digital signal via standard coax cable. Since those system are fully digital, cameras are now capable of sending Full High Definition signal of 720p or 1080p (1280×720 or 1920×1080 pixels) which is basically equal to 2 Megapixel quality. With SDI systems we can use existing infrastructure and easily upgrade current system to a whole new quality. Long story short, CCTV installers love this technology. It does not require any networking knowledge and since every camera is individually wired back to the DVR, there are absolutely no bandwidth issues. You are getting full HD picture at full framerate on every channel all the time.
As of today, SDI cameras and DVR’s are becoming more and more affordable and currently those systems are already lass expensive than IP systems usually surpassing IP quality. SDI looks like a next big thing in surveillance technology and it is here to stay.

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