Do I really need static IP address to view my cameras online?

Many customers think that static IP address provided by Internet Service Provider or ISP is necessary for remote access and remote viewing of cameras. While having static IP address may be helpful, it is not necessary to have it and pay extra for it every month. If you have dynamic IP address, which most of us have, you can still enjoy viewing your Security Cameras and accessing your DVR over the internet. Simple alternative to static IP address is domain service like It is free or for a small annual fee you can sign up and have ability to create many domain names. Your IP address turned from numeric form into easy to remember domain name. Here is how it works. You receive domain name, which is being updated on the server to match current IP address assigned to you by your ISP. Many CCTV DVR units on the market support at least one of DNS services. This way DVR will send and update its current IP address on DNS Server every time IP address changes. You, by entering your domain name, are being forwarded to current IP address of the DVR. This way your domain name will always point you to the current IP address of the DVR.

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  1. okorie cyprian ukachukwu says:

    Am a cctv installer.most of my clients are always interested in viewing there cameras online but I don’t have the knowledge of connecting them.Please I wish to have the knowledge.if you can send me a detailed proceedure on how to connect cameras to online viewing and other tutorials on cctv cameras and also how I can be buying cameras online and the period of delevery via my email above. Thanks

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