Less Known advantages and disadvantages of Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet type CCTV Cameras are probably the most commonly used cameras out there. They are the most affordable CCTV Cameras and most universal. They are very popular in most typical CCTV applications. Bullet cameras are designed to be easily deployed in almost every environment. They can be mounted virtually anywhere. Indoor, Outdoor, on the wall, ceiling etc. Most of bullet cameras are equipped with infrared night vision allowing camera to see at night even with absolutely no light. Night vision on bullet cameras is usually described by IR range and it can be rated anywhere from 15-300ft and even farther. Camera mount allows getting desired shot regardless on how or where camera is mounted. Adjusting the camera is very easy and requires no experience. Bullet cameras are usually equipped with fixed lens. Some of more advanced models feature variable focal length lens which allows setting desired field of view (wide angle to close up). Usually Bullet Cameras with Vari-Focal Lens have external zoom and focus adjustment (knobs). Bullet CCTV cameras have flat front lens so there is no picture distortion and sun visor to protect from sun glare and elements. Disadvantages of bullet cameras include: it is clear where camera is pointing, so it can be approached from “behind”, they are more “offensive” and less elegant in indoor environment than i.e. dome cameras, cable is usually exposed making it vulnerable for damage (doesn’t apply to bullet cameras with cable management bracket), if connection to main cable cannot be made behind the wall or above ceiling bullet cameras often require an additional junction box to hide connection with main cable (connection cannot be hidden inside housing like with most of dome or box cameras). Even temper resistant bullet cameras are more vulnerable to damage than dome cameras. Bullet cameras should not be mounted directly on metal roofs, walls etc. Please consider all advantages and disadvantages before selecting camera.

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