IP CCTV Camera Systems Made Easy

There is a new trend in IP Camera Systems. More and more manufacturers are trying to simplify IP CCTV System setup so it’s more appealing to installers. Recently we’ve been seeing more and more NVRs with built in network switches. The next step was taken by LTS with their new line of Platinum Series NVRs and Platinum Series IP Cameras. Now NVR not only comes with a built in switch, but also it is a PoE switch, so it can power connected IP cameras without a need for a separate power supply. There is also a built in network server, so all compatible IP cameras can automatically be assigned with a IP address within internal network. Installation of a IP Camera System with Megapixel Cameras and High Definition NVR has never been easier. All you need to do is connect Ethernet cable from the NVR to compatible IP camera and everything else is taken care of automatically. No network or IP setup is required. NVR creates its own local network so you don’t need another router or network server and on the top of it, it doesn’t steal bandwidth from existing network. Suddenly installation and setup of a high definition IP Camera System is as easy as installation of a Standard Analog system. All you nned to do is run cat5 cables from the NVR to each and every camera and everything else will be taken care of. This is not only a great product for an average CCTV installer, but it makes IP CCTV available for DIY installations. This is a future of IP CCTV Surveillance. Make sure to check our new Platinum Line of LTS IP Cameras and NVRs.

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