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Difference between Home Surveillance System and Commercial CCTV Systems.

Some customers may be confused about which security camera system is right for them. Usually we recognize CCTV Systems for Home and commercial CCTV Systems. There are many systems on the market that can qualify to both categories. But there … Continue reading

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CCTV and Catching the Criminal

So, many times when I talk to customers, they ask me few questions that seem to be more common than others. I will try to answer and explain some things regarding those frequently asked questions or FAQ about CCTV Systems, … Continue reading

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IP Camera System vs Regular Analog CCTV System – Objective Comparison

Internet Protocol Cameras (IP Cameras) are becoming more and more popular due to lower prices. IP Cameras are also capable of much higher resolutions comparing to analog CCTV Cameras. A lot of experts say that regular security cameras would be … Continue reading

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